Saturday, 30 May 2015

2015 Schedule for My Kasih Homestay At Paka

Alhamdulillah... 2015 dah sampai pun June...

Our last tenant for long term rental 
pun dah check-out

so it's time we'll open our MyKasihHomestay at Paka for booking...

As usual, our homestay is our family business & we threat each of our tenant as family.  Our homestay are for muslim only.

Do contact :

Nora 013-981 6675 or
Nazree 013-982 6675

for booking or ask for details

We also do short term & long term rental with competitive price as per our facilities to serve u better ;) 

Our Car porach can accomodate 3 sedan car

Master Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

3rd Bedroom

Kitchen & Dining area

Living Hall Area

New facilities - Astro njoi

MyKasihHomestay Paka..

Rumah SemiD menghadap ke Pantai Paka
RUmah 3 bilik dan 2 bilik air

Kemudahan yang di sediakan di MyKasihHomestay-Paka..

Master Bedroom
- Queen Bed
- Wardrobe
- TV
- Air-Cond
 - Fan
- Bathroom with Hot shower

2nd Bedroom
- 2 single bed
- Wardrobe
- Air-Cond
- Fan

3rd Bedroom
- Double Storey Bed (Queen/single)
 - Wardrobe
- Fan

Kitchen/Dining Area
 - Built-in Hood & Hoob
- Built in Kitchen Cabinet
- Refrigerator
 - Rice cooker
 - Cooking utensil
 - Kettle
- Dining Table with 4 chair

Living Hall
 - Jati Sofa (2/3 seater)
 - Iron & Ironing Board
 - TV
 - Astro Njoi
- Air-Cond
 - 2 units of Fan

Car Porch
- Smoking area with patio seat & astray
(we encourage our tenants to smoking at designated area outside the house to avoid any accidents & to encourage healthy environment in the house)
- spacious & can accommodate 3 sedan size car.

Location of our Homestay;
- 2 minutes to Paka Town
 - 2 minutes to Paka Night Market (Rabu & Sabtu)
- easy access to Pantai Paka
- 15 minutes to Petronas Plant area
- 20 minutes to Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Dungun Terengganu
 - 30 minutes to UITM Dungun
- 30 minutes to Dungun Town
- 15 minutes to Kerteh Town

Price per nite

but we offer competetive price if u do long term rental with  us.

Do contact us for best price and details

Nora 013-981 6675
Nazree 013-982 6675

we can reach thru call/whatssapp/sms

TQ to choose us for your stay !!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

2014 Schedule for My Kasih Homestay..

Holla our future clients...
A little announcement for you...

Alhamdulillah, after sooo long we doing Long Term Rental for our Paka homestay... we/ll open for another booking start from Early May 2014

So feel free to book ur stay with us...

Please feel free to click below link to know better what we will offer you...

Anyway, have a pleasent stay with us...

Note : 

we also welcoming long term stay like per year with legal agreement sign off course.. 

and not to forget, due to raising living cost and utilities rates... our rental cost per nite have to revise as below..

My Kasih Homestay - Paka ~ 
RM 250 pernite
My Kasih Homestay - Kuantan (Indera Mahkota) ~ 
RM 250 pernite

But we will give our best price if u stay more than 2 nite ok...

Please contact 
Nora - 013-981 6675 
Nazree - 013-982 6675

for booking purposes


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Announcement !!!

Quick update...

Alhamdulillah, xsampai beberapa hari di iklankan... My-Kasih Homestay at Paka dah full booked until December 2013... And also My-Kasih Homestay at Kuantan juga full booked until end of this year...

Alhamdulillah rezeki...

so if anyone nak stay at Paka & Kuantan memang dah xbole ye darlings... unless saya dpt another house utk di rentalkan... 

Please pray for our murah rezeki for another investment... Insyaallah...

Alhamdulillah, That's the power of Internet Marketing... 

Btw, I'm also do coaching for anyone yg nak start wif bizz... very interesting bizz which is we use social media marketing to market our product..

To know How.. 

call/ sms/ whatssapp me at 
013-981 6675 Nora

let's meet up :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Kasih Homestay Di Paka !!!

Hi uolss,

Alhamdulillah.. Good News to uolss...

My-kasih homestay dah ada new homestay, kali nie at Paka, Terengganu..

if uolss nak berehat2 then pagi2 nak berlari-lari/exercise di pesisir pantai giteww... moh booking 
wif us...

what so special wif My-kasih Homestay at Paka nie...

Location :
10 minutes to Kawasan Perindustrian / Loji Petronas
15 minutes to Petronas Carigali, Kerteh
15 minutes to McDonald
5 minutes to Pantai Paka
(bole mandi laut sampai lebam ehehehe)
5 minutes to Kedai Makan/warung di tepian pantai (joms sotong goreng tepung, ikan goreng tepung, kopok lekor ;)

Kemudahan ;

- 3 bilik selesa untuk 6-8 dewasa lengkap dengan sejadah & arah kiblat
- Master bedroom with queen bed, air-cond, Television & Remote Fan
- 2nd Bedroom With 2 Single Bed, Air-cond & Siling fan
- 3rd Bedroom with Double decker Queen size & Single size bed, Siling Fan

- Total 2 bathrooms with amenities
- 1 bathroom occupied with hot shower (Master Bedroom)

Living area : 
- 2 living room with air-cond, Remote fan & Jati Sofa sets

Dining area : 
Dining table for 4, With Fan

- Cadar, Selimut, 2 pcs Toto.

- Washing Machine (6.5kg) without detergent, 
- Ampaian, Iron & Iron board

- Shampoo & Soap

- 1 door Fridge
- Gas stove + Hood
- Rice cooker
- Microwave, toaster
- Kettle, thermos
- Basic cooking utensils, Kitchenware, plate, glassware etc.

Covered parking suit for 3 cars

Auto gate for easy access and go.

so this is the view ;

so the price per nite is RM250

minimum booking is 1 nite tapi we still consider request for long rental.. off course with resonable & negotiation price :)

Just call / whatssapp / viber / SMS us

Nora 013-981 6675
Nazree 013-982 6675

or email me

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My-Kasih Homestay Facilities

Sila jamu mata dulu yer :)


The View of Bedrooms

The View of Cooking Area

The View of Dining Area

The View of Dining Area (Coz luas sgt ehehe)

The View of Living Room

The View of Washing Area

Ok, apa yang kami sediakan,

As per gambar di atas, we provide

Cooking area
 - Pinggan, Mangkuk, Cawan, Tea Set, Sudu, Garfu
 - Kuali, Periuk, Sudip, Senduk, Pisau
 - Tempat Pemotong, Besen, Penapis
 - Tong Gas
 - Electrical Periuk Nasi
 - Electrical cerek air
 - Termos
 - Pembakar roti
 - Hood + Hob

Washing area
 - Washing Machine (Brand New)
 - Laundry Basket

Dining Area
- Peti sejuk 2 pintu (Brand New)
- Microwave (Brand New)
- Dining Table with 8 chair
- Kipas

Living Area
- Sofa Jati (3+2+1)
- Meja Kopi
- Side Table
- TV Cabinet
- Television 29 inc + remote
- Kipas panasonic + remote
- Air-Cond

Bilik Tidur Utama
- Katil + Tilam + comforter
- Meja Solek
- Meja Tepi
- Penyidai Tuala
- Sejadah
- Kipas
- Air-Cond
- Cabinet TV
- Television 21 Inc

Bilik Tidur 1 & 2
- Katil + Tilam + Selimut
- Sejadah
- Toto

Kemudahan Lain
- Ironing Board + iron
- Extra extention wire
- Auto gate

Overview My-Kasih Homestay

Pandangan Luar My-Kasih Homestay

Sedikit maklumat My-Kasih Homestay ;

  • Rumah Teres Dua Tingkat
  • Berusia Hampir 10 thn +++
  • (tapiii condition tip top ok)
  • Half renovate
  • 3 bilik tidur
     - Bilik Tidur Utama + Bilik air + Air-Cond
     - 2nd Bilik Tidur + Built In Cabinet + Kipas
     - 3rd Bilik Tidur + Built In Cabinet + Kipas
     - 3 Bilik air (Dua berada ditingkat atas & 1 di 
  • Dapur Moden (Built in kitchen kabinet + Hood + Hoob)
  • Living Room yang luas
  • Dining Room yang luas

Jumpa kami di sini juga :)

Welcome Note

Salam uolss,

Alhamdulillah setelah hampir 6 bulan beroperasi

Berjaya juga Nora create homepage rasmi for
My-Kasih Homestay..

Alhamdulillah, this homestay adalah dedication to our beloved permata hati..

Semoga dengan terbinanya this homepage akan memudahkan para pelanggan kami untuk melihat segala kemudahan yang kami sediakan.

So far My-Kasih homestay beroperasi di alamat di bawah ,

No 4, Lorong IM 2/89
Indera Mahkota 2
Bandar Indera Mahkota
25030 Kuantan

(now we closed our My-Kasih Homestay at Kuantan for our Long Rental Guest)

Alhamdulillah Another Homestay were open at Paka, Terengganu dan beroperasi di alamat di bawah

No 7, Jalan Kelisa
Taman Seri Pantai 1/1, Paka
23100 Dungun

My-Kasih Homestay bole di hubung ;

Phone / Viber / Whatssapps :

013-981 6675 (Nora)
013-982 6675 (Nazree)

or email kami sebarang pertanyaan / tempahan